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Interior design elements make the difference between a house and a home. Instead of spending your days pinning or wasting money buying pieces for your home that are almost perfect but not quite. Get started with LIV. Our virtual partnership let us design your dream space without any site visits being required.

Using our years of experience, we can review pictures and measurements of your space, and create a new custom design to better fit your needs while reflecting your personal style. Let us do the work, and you’ll receive an itemized shopping list with all the details of your new space. This method keeps you under budget while giving your space the look of professional design. 

How the Interiors Package Works

When you work with LIV Design, we walk you through the whole process of reinventing your space. It starts with a questionnaire. This will give us an idea of what areas you are wanting to redesign and what your design goals are. 

Next, we will ask you to provide photos and measurements. We will need to know a bit about your design style and see a few photos of your home. (No fancy equipment needed.) Then we will schedule a phone meeting to answer any questions you have and get a more detailed idea of your personal style. Finally, our designer will create a rendering of your space to reflect your style and functional preferences. 

Hand Sketch

You will receive a hand sketch where your designer will walk you through all the details of your design based on your preferences. After your sketch is received we’ll schedule a second call with you. This second phone call is a great time to make revisions.  Then you will receive a final storyboard and floor plan, including paint selection, furniture, and accessories, along with a detailed shopping list. So you’ll know exactly what to buy, where to get it, and how much it costs. We can also provide a custom cabinet design upon request.

Interior Design Services Hand Sketch

Types of Interior Design Services Offered

No matter what your design needs are, the professionals at LIV are here to help. Here are a few of the most popular areas and projects that we help our clients with, and a few ideas on how to improve your space. 

Bathroom Interior Design

Most people don’t think of bathrooms as a top priority when they consider the design. But if you are building a home or remodeling an old home this can make a huge difference in your resale value. Having a bathroom with high-end fixtures, adequate lighting, and good flow can give your home a big upgrade visually and provide you with a relaxing home spa experience. 

Bedroom Interior Design

Your bedroom should be the most restful room in your home. Working with a designer can help you find the perfect look for your space. A few things to consider if you are redesigning your bedroom are lighting, colors, and textures. The right light can make for a more restful environment. Rich wall colors can create a restful feeling. While you can add a luxurious feel with textures in your bedding and accent pillows and area rugs. 

Living Room Interior Design

Living room design can be tricky. Because this space needs to be functional and comfortable without sacrificing style. Working with a designer is the best way to make sure you maximize all of these categories. Whether your style is modern, formal, coastal, or casual our designers will show you how to incorporate just the right colors, and choose furniture so that you can have both style and function. 

Kitchen Interior Design

We all want a functional kitchen, but no one wants to sacrifice style. One of the biggest mistakes people make when designing a kitchen is that they overlook what rooms the kitchen leads too. A designer will make sure to make these transitions smooth so that all the pieces of the puzzle fit together properly. 

Dining Room Interior Design

Dining rooms tend to be where big family moments happen. Celebratory dinners, graduation parties, and holiday meals. But just because a room is formal, doesn’t mean it can’t feel comfortable. Let our designers help you choose the right size of table and chairs that are comfortable while also adding a touch of style. Let us show you how to play with light and color to provide a perfect environment for your special family moments. 

Office Interior Design

Depending on how you use your home office design can play a huge role in the success of your business. Whether you are using it to meet with clients in person or virtually, having a professional-looking workspace will give your business added credibility. Having a dedicated space to work professionally designed can eliminate visual distractions that can even improve your productivity. 

Why Choose LIV Design Partners as Your Online Interior Design Company

At LIV Design Partners we take all the headache out of design for you. We are a virtual design firm.  Let us use our years of experience to help you avoid common mistakes. We will hold your hand virtually through the whole process, we will use the exact measurements of your room, listen to your preferences, and create a road map to your dream house. 

We will create our renderings based on your space and personal style preferences. You’ll walk away with everything you need to create your dream space and the confidence of knowing that everything will work perfectly within your space and budget. 

Purchase the Interiors Product Package

Lots of people love to decorate but don’t understand the amount of technical work that goes into the design. Hiring an interior designer can save you from making costly mistakes like painting a room the wrong color or picking out furniture that looks beautiful in the store but isn’t the right size for your space. 

Hiring an Interior designer can alleviate all of those worries while also keeping you on budget. Purchasing our Interiors package will provide you with a storyboard, a floor plan, paint selection, and shopping list so you know what to buy, where to get it, and how much it costs right from the start. We can even provide a custom cabinet design upon request. 

Save yourself the headache and avoid the costly mistakes that come with designing yourself and give us a call. In a few weeks you will have a custom plan to create your dream home without leaving your house.