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Interior Remodeling

Almost all of us have at least one area of our homes that could use an upgrade. LIV Design Partners is here to help with your interior remodel. Our team of professionals has years of experience helping people just like you convert their problem areas into dream homes. 

At LIV, we provide virtual design services. That means without leaving your home, we can create an entire remodel design plan for your current home based on your design needs and your personal style preferences. At the end of our process, you’ll have everything you need to complete your remodel with no stress. 

How the Interior Remodeling Package Works

Questionnaire + Photos

Before we can get started on your project, we need some info from you. After you purchase your plan we will request that you send us a few pictures of your space, along with measurements, and fill out a short questionnaire. 

These questions were specifically designed for us to get a feel of your personal style and the needed function of the interior you are remodeling. We encourage you to take your time with this, it’s one of the most important steps in the process. Once we have all the info we need we will get started on your project!

Meeting & Discussion

When we are designing your room we’ll start with a phone call. After our team reviews your questionnaire, your designer will request measurements and photos of your current space. This is our chance to get to know you and get a real feel for what you’re looking for with your interior remodel.  You’ll be asked questions about your design style and the uses of the space. 

Hand Sketch

You will receive a hand sketch where your designer will walk you through all the details of your design based on your preferences. After your sketch is received we’ll schedule a second call with you. This is where we will walk you through the design to answer any questions you might have and make any needed changes.

Then you will receive a final storyboard and floor plan, including paint selection, furniture, and accessories, along with a detailed shopping list. So you’ll know exactly what to buy, where to get it, and how much it costs. 

If you’d prefer you can also add on a digital rendering to any package, just remember to add it to your cart when you check out! 

Types of Interior Remodeling Design Services Offered

Bathroom Interior Remodeling

A bathroom remodel can be intimidating. But bathroom remodels can elevate the look and function of your home. Whatever your home needs, whether it’s a major overhaul where all the fixtures need to be reconfigured, or if you’d rather focus on a few key design elements like paint colors, finishes, and lighting we are here to help. LIV Design Partners have years of experience in bathroom remodels and we can walk you through the whole process.

Bedroom Interior Remodeling

Is your bedroom an oasis or more like a landing pad for miscellaneous items? If you are wanting to invest in your home and you could also benefit from some self-care, consider remodeling your bedroom. Ideally, your bedroom should be the most restorative room in the house. 

Let LIV Design Partners help you to streamline and maximize the functionality of your space while also giving you a restful oasis with your personal style in mind. Our professionals can blend colors, textures, and lighting to create a relaxing oasis based on your specific design aesthetic. 

This is one of our team’s favorite projects to take on because our clients are always so happy with the final results. Don’t we all deserve a beautiful place to rest? Start your bedroom remodel today!

Living Room Interior Remodeling

We all want our living rooms to look like something from HGTV. But the reality of life with kids, pets, and busy active families is that these rooms get a lot of wear and tear. The living room can feel like the never-ending project when you’re trying to maintain a design that doesn’t fit the needs of your family. This is where professional design services come in. 

When you work with LIV Design Partners, we are not going to hand you a plan that would look great on Pinterest but would be impossible to maintain in real life. We want to know how your living room is actually used. Do you need storage for toys? Sports equipment? Do you need carpet and furniture that will hold up to pets? Do you want all of this AND a high-end design that looks polished and put together? We’ve got you covered. 

Kitchen Interior Remodeling

Realtors say “Kitchens sell houses” and it’s true. The kitchen is the heart of the home. It doesn’t matter if you love to cook or loathe it. Kitchens are a necessity. A kitchen remodel can boost your resale value, and it can improve your quality of life. 

Often opening up the windows and letting in more natural light and upgrading the paint and fixtures can breathe new life into a dated kitchen. But sometimes bigger changes are needed. Cabinets need to be reconfigured or painted, appliances need to be moved or upgraded. 

No matter what the scale of your project is, remodeling a kitchen is always a good investment. The experts on our team are here to guide you so that you make every dollar count.  

Dining Room Interior Remodeling

Dining room remodels are often low on the priority list for a remodel, but often clients have an entire room in their home that goes unused on most days. Wouldn’t you like to maximize all the square footage in your home to benefit your family? 

Dining room remodels can be game-changers. We can redesign yours and give you a beautiful functional space to share all your special family moments. Or give you options, often this space can be utilized to meet all kinds of needs. With a dining room remodel your dining room can become your favorite room in the house. 

Office Interior Remodeling

Especially in our current climate, this is becoming one of the most important rooms in the house. Is your family trying to juggle distance learning, or suddenly working from home? Do you need a quiet place to take client calls? Are you tired of looking for a clean surface to set your laptop down? You deserve a home office that meets your needs. 

When your home office meets the needs of your work requirements and your own personal style, work becomes more enjoyable and less stressful. Many homes don’t have a designated room for a workspace. LIV Design Partners can help. We will help you carve out a workspace without sacrificing the design of your home or giving up the functionality of other rooms. 

Why Choose LIV Design Partners as Your Online Interior Remodeling Design Company

At LIV Design Partners we take all the headache out of design for you. We have years of experience and can help you implement high-end design elements without losing the functionality of your space. 

We create our renderings based on your space and personal style preferences. You’ll walk away with a road map for your ideal space and the confidence of knowing it can be completed within your budget. 

Get Started with the Interiors Package

We have all spent a lot of quality time with our homes over the past few months. If yours is leaving something to be desired, maybe it’s time for an upgrade. You deserve a home you love. If your space isn’t meeting the functional needs of your family or is lacking in the design department LIV is here to help. 

As your family grows and changes it makes sense that your home needs to adapt to its changing needs. Lots of people believe they have to choose between design and function, at LIV we think you can have both. Call us today to see the difference we can make in your home. Our team can’t wait to get started on your project!

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