Our Process




It's simple. Easy as 1,2,3…. 

Step 1

After your purchase you will receive an email from us to start the process. (check your junk email if not received)

Submit your project photos and dimensions.

If you are taking a picture with a smartphone or tablet, make sure you send us a full-size image (do not scale down the file size). Make sure you are taking the photo during a sunny time of the day. Gloomy days and evenings tend to make the image fuzzy.

Make sure your house is not obstructed by cars, toys, bikes and any item that you do not wish to show up in your illustrative image.

Make sure you are not tilting your camera. A straight shot is best.

While we will only use one image of your home for the illustrative rendering, please feel free to send us close ups or side views of your house. Additional views are very helpful when you have columns, trees, or other elements that are blocked from the straight view.

If we need any additional images, we will contact you via email.

Dimensions will be requested as related to the package you select

What if my house will not fit in one photo?

Don’t worry. This happens quite often when you have a ranch style house or live in an area where houses are close to the street. You will need to send several pictures that can be joined together for one cohesive image.

Step 2

Collaborate with your design team to discuss desires.

You will complete a design questionnaire which is automatically sent to you with your order confirmation. Click on "questionnaire " to link you to them. Once we receive your design questionnaire and photos, your designer will schedule a phone consultation. These usually last about 30 minutes and gives us an opportunity to connect with you, and discuss your design likes in more detail. This call begins your design process, which takes about 3 to 4 weeks Achieving a look that is reflective of your style is our #1 goal. Your personal designer will be involved until the end of your process.

Step 3

Receive the image of your home tailored just for you. 

We will email your custom sketch or image and any other information related to your plan. This custom plan is a great visual you can share with your contractor. With the Plan and Plant Package. Plan Package, Plant Package and Paint Package you are given a free revision within one week of receiving your initial design. The Interior package offers two free revisions. Additional revisions are available upon request for a fee. Our goal is to work with you to create a desired design.

Still have questions? Contact us