1. What is the best way to contact LIV Design Partners?
Email info@livdesignpartners.com or call 866-632-8390 ext. 3000.

2. What payment types do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards including American Express. We also accept PayPal.

3. How is LIV different than traditional design services?
LDP has an Architect, Interior Designer, Landscape Designer and a Construction Project Manager working together on your design. This gives you a cohesive, creative design that will stay on budget.

4. How does the LIV process work?

  1. Select your plan.
  2. Submit your questionnaire with images and dimensions.
  3. Book a consultation to speak with your personal designer.
  4. Receive the illustrative rendering for exterior or story.
  5. Shop your list and execute the project.
  6. Enjoy your home!

5. What information will you need from me to create a design?
You will complete a questionnaire in which you will tell us about your property, goals, style and preferences. Photos of your house and yard will also need to be submitted and any inspirational images of the look you would like to achieve.

6. Are we limited to only one view of our home? Can you redesign more than one side of my house?
We would love the opportunity to help you make all sides of your home beautiful. The process is the same for each side. You will submit payment for each package separately. If you are interested in a complete package with all four sides of your home, please email us for custom pricing. Be sure to include a photo of each side to help us price a package customized to your needs.

7. Is there a discount for multiple rooms/projects?
Yes, there is a 10% discount for doing 2 or more projects at one time. This discount is not eligible with promotions.

8. How do I interact with my designer?
Upon the return of your design questionnaire, you will set up a time for a phone conversation with your designer.  This gives us an opportunity to connect with you, and your home to reflect your vision.

9. How much time do I get with my designer?
You get a 30 minute phone consultation with your designer after you have submitted your questionnaire.  Your personal designer will be involved until the end of your process.

10. Is more hands-on help available?
Yes, we have a custom program available upon request. Please contact us for details at info@livdesignpartners.com or call 866-632-8390 ext. 3000.

11. Can LIV work with any budget?
Absolutely! Budget is discussed in your consultation call.

12. Can you get a refund?
If you change your mind about the purchase and notify us via email within 24 hours of your purchase, we will cancel your order and refund your money less financial institution fees.

13. How long will it take for me to get my design?
Once you submit your questionnaire, you will receive an email to schedule a phone conversation with your designer to review the information you have submitted. This call begins your design process, which takes about 3 weeks.

14. Is every design original or do you use design templates?
We do not use design templates. Every design is created to suit the client’s needs and goals, as well as the features of the landscape and architecture.

15. When I take pictures of the exterior of my home to upload on the website, do you have any requirements? Are we limited to just one photo?
You are not limited to one photo, there are several steps that will help us generate the best design.

  • If you are taking a picture with a smartphone or tablet, make sure you send us a full-size image (do not scale down the file size).  Make sure you are taking the photo during a sunny time of the day. Gloomy days and evenings tend to make the image fuzzy.

  • Make sure your house is not obstructed by cars, toys, bikes and any item that you do not wish to show up in your illustrative image.

  • Make sure you are not tilting your camera. A straight shot is best.

  • While we will only use one image of your home for the illustrative rendering, please feel free to send us close-ups or side views of your house. Additional views are very helpful when you have columns, trees, or other elements that are blocked from the straight view.

  • If we need any additional images, we will contact you via email.

16. What if my house will not fit in one photo?
Don’t worry. This happens quite often when you have a ranch style house or live in an area where houses are close to the street. You will need to send several pictures that can be joined together for one cohesive image.

17. Will you tell me exactly what products to buy?
Yes! With each design you will receive a personalized shopping list for your home. You will be able to purchase most of the items thru Plan and Plant Design. For items that require specific sizing, such as doors, shutters, or windows we will help connect you to vendors and service representatives. See question #10 for additional information.

18. When I replace items such as a door, windows or shutters, do you help me measure and place the order?
Yes, we will help connect you to vendors and service representatives that will assist in sizing the products you wish to purchase.

19. Is there a limit to the size of the property in the Plant Package?
Yes, views that exceed 100ft from house to curb or property line will have custom pricing. Please contact us for pricing at info@livdesignpartners.com or call 866-632-8390 ext. 3000.

20. Is a property survey required for the Plant Package?
No. If you have one, we ask that you please provide it. If not, we will do our best to get everything as accurate as possible with the dimensions you provide us.

21. Can LIV design my kitchen or bathroom?
Yes, we offer interior design services including cabinet design not limited to what our packages offer. Please contact us through our info@livdesignpartners.com for additional services. We look forward to working with you to meet your design needs.

22. Can I use furniture/ items I already have?
Certainly. We encourage using pieces that have meaning to you. When completing your questionnaire please give us specifics with a picture.

23. Will I own the final design?

24. Will you protect my privacy if you post pictures of my design on social medial or your website?
Yes. Details with be discussed during the checkout process.

25. Where can I find you Terms and Conditions?
Our Terms and Conditions can be found here 

26. Does LPD offer gift cards?
Yes, click here for gift cards.

27. I live outside the United States, can LPD design our space?
We definitely can.

28. What if I do not like my design?
With the Plan & Plan Package, Plant Package and Paint Package, you are given a free revision after receiving your initial design. The Interior package offers two free revisions. Our goal is to work with our clients to create a desired design.

29. What if I have additional questions?
Please email 
info@livdesignpartners.com or call 866-632-8390 ext. 3000.

30. When & How do I receive my questionnaire ?                                           

After the purchase of your package you will receive one automatically to the email account you provided at checkout.

31. What will the questionnaire ask?                                                                   

Each package has a set of questions that starts our design team in a direction so when you have your phone consultation we have basic information needed to discuss your project.