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  The concept of having all of your design needs under one roof leads to a cohesive finished project at an affordable price. The process is simple - all you need is your phone. Choose one or more of our packages to get started achieving the home of your dreams. Since we don't work with templates, your design will be custom-created just for you, along with a personalized shopping list. Whether you are a do it yourself-er or hire a contractor, how you want to execute it is up to you.

Over the years, we have learned from our customers that some prefer a digital rendering while others want a hand sketch.  We are pleased to offer both.  Thanks to today's technology, most design services only offer digital images, however the human touch of hand drawing allows a little more participation and creativity.  At LIV design partners, we believe in the individual.  

Plan & Plant

This package offers both architectural expertise and landscape design. We’ll help you achieve the ultimate curb appeal with a plan that’s easy for you and your contractor to understand and execute.

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Our architectural expertise can bring stylish changes to your home from cosmetic, like paint and fixtures, to structure, like new windows, doors and entrances.

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Professional landscape design, with plants selected for your lawn and location, can help you achieve a garden the neighbors will envy.

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Whether you need to freshen up a room or get an interior design makeover, our plan includes design advice, a floor plan and shopping list of items presented in the design board. Our consultation process assures you’ll love your new room.

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The right color choice for your home’s exterior can make a big difference in its curb appeal. We make change easy.

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