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Residential  or Commercial Design Services

Great design can be in the details-  At LIV we have them covered. 

 Custom Design Services

Our custom design services offer multiple options. Whether you are looking at landscape, interior, architectural exterior or a combination of all, we tailor our services to best meet your needs.  We work with you from consultation to custom design plans to onsite project management.  

 Now working with LIV design is  even easier. We select curated products that we know will work with your particular design. So whether you are looking for a signature piece, an accent piece or just a little something to make your house feel like home, we manage purchasing for you too.

Please see below to schedule a call to get your project started.  We are easy to work with and budget friendly.

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Custom Residential Interiors

Our interior designer will create a custom look for you with ideas to achieve the look that you will love.