How much does an Interior Designer Cost?

Interior Designer Cost


Have you been thinking about hiring an interior designer? If you’ve never hired one before, it can be intimidating. Before you turn all DIY and go to Pinterest and start choosing paint colors, consider turning to a professional. 

If you’re stressing over the design process, LIV design is here to help. Hiring an interior designer not only keeps your project on schedule but it also keeps it on budget. Keep in mind that this is a unique skillset and our team has years of experience to help you turn your house into your dream home. 

LIV Design Partners is one-stop shopping for all your design needs. We can provide you with a perfect road map to your dream home and it all starts here. Our designers can provide you with a shopping list, paint colors, and a floor plan to maximize the functionality of your space while giving it the look of high-end professional design. With LIV, your dream home is only a few clicks away. 

The Average Cost of An Interior Designer

According to the average cost to hire an interior designer is $6,513. This number is based on a range of $1,913-11,277. The total price you pay as a consumer is based on factors like square footage, the scope of the project, and the reputation of the designer. 

The Difference Between Using Online Interior Design Services Vs. Traditional In-Person Design

Traditional interior design services are extremely expensive and usually have lengthy timelines, which is why digital design services are growing in popularity. Digital design services allow you the freedom to get started on your timeline, send us pictures, and fill out our questionnaire when you are ready. Then schedule a call with us at your convenience. 

Let us do the work. We will learn about your style and put together a plan for your dream home. Also, you’ll notice that our services are significantly more affordable than our non-digital competitors. 

Questions to Ask to Figure out Interior Design Cost

What is the project scope?

Are you simply looking for advice on room accessories and paint colors? Or are you looking to knock down walls and completely renovate your space. These are factors that affect the scope of a project and of course the price. 

How many rooms? What is the size of your space?

Another factor that affects the price is the size of your space, are you simply designing one room or are you redesigning your entire home? No matter the size of your project LIV designs can help. There is no project too big or small for our team. 

What’s your budget?

Budget is one of the most important factors when it comes to planning your design. It’s the most important factor that no one wants to talk about. LIV design provides some of the same high-end designs at some of the most affordable prices. 

Different Interior Design Pricing Models

To hire a typical design company, there are a variety of ways they can charge you for the work. Here are a few of the most popular ways. 

Hourly Rate

Some designers charge by the hour for their work. This can include your consultation time, their time spent actually designing, shopping time, and the time it takes to assemble your space. The average hourly rate for an interior designer in 2020 can range from $50-200. 

Flat Rate

Some designers charge a flat rate. This is more typical for commercial spaces, or for freelance designers. This type of designer usually charges a consultation fee ranging from $150-500 and can last from 2-4 hours. The range for the completion of the project can range anywhere from $2,000-11,300.

Monthly Retainer

Designers who are hired on a monthly retainer are typically hired for commercial spaces. Usually, those services start with a digital rendering which you can pay up to $3,000 for with a $1,500 due upfront, then the rest is broken into payments.

Interior Sq. Footage

Some designers measure the scope of the project based on the square footage of the area they are designing. The price range for this type of design can range from $5-15 dollars per square foot. Typically, this type of design is used for large spaces or commercial spaces. 

Percentage of Budget

Another common way designers charge is a percentage of the cost or a cost-plus markup. Meaning they can buy the materials for your design at a wholesale price and deliver them to you at the retail price plus a markup fee for their design services.

How much does LIV Design Partners Virtual Interior Design Cost?

LIV Design Partners provides Interior design packages starting as low as $575 and range up to $925. You read that correctly, all the design services, tailored specifically to your space and personal preferences at a fraction of the cost of a traditional designer. 

Purchase Our Interiors Package

Lots of people love to decorate but don’t understand the amount of technical work that goes into the design. Hiring an interior designer can save you from making costly mistakes like painting a room the wrong color or picking out furniture that looks beautiful in the store but isn’t the right size for your space. 

Hiring an Interior designer can alleviate all of those worries while also keeping you on budget. Purchasing our Interiors package will provide you with a storyboard,  a floor plan, paint selection, and accessories, along with an itemized shopping list. So you will know exactly what to buy, where to get it, and how much it costs. We can even provide a custom cabinet design upon request. 

Save yourself the headache and avoid the costly mistakes that come with designing yourself and give us a call. In a few weeks, you will have a custom plan to create your dream home without leaving your house.

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