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Our team is a unique group of design professionals who have combined their skills to offer you a variety of services all in one place. Our team includes an architect, an interior designer, a landscape designer, and a project manager. 

When selecting our plant package, our landscape designer will create a customized plan for your site. This plan will cover the 50 feet away from your home, including a plant list. The plant list will also include considerations for plant size and zone. A sketch like this is an excellent tool when you are meeting with your contractor to guide them to the exact style you’re wanting to achieve. 

One revision is included when submitted within the first week of receiving your customized plan. However, if you would prefer a digital rendering of your home, instead choose this additional option and add it to your cart. 

How the Plant Package Works

Our team offers various packages to meet your needs. If you choose the plant package, our professional landscape designer will create a custom plan for either the front or the back of your home, which will enhance the curb appeal and beauty of your home. A site plan will be provided including a detailed plant list. Our landscape designer will be sure to consider the plant sizes and zones for optimal results. The site plan will cover approximately 50 feet away from your home. 

You will also receive an illustrative image of your landscape using the photos you provide to give you a visual of what the finished product would be. These are helpful tools to either execute the finished result yourself or pass along to your landscape professional. This package includes one revision if submitted within the first week of receiving your plan. 

In addition, if you would prefer a digital rendering of your home with your selections, simply choose the “digital rendering” option when you are adding packages to your cart. 

The LIV Online Landscape Design Process

Questionnaire + Photos

If you’re like us when you decide to start a project you want to get started right now. We offer various packages to meet your needs. Once you’ve selected the right one for you, you can purchase it from our website. If you choose the Plan and Plant option you will get a more detailed approach to updating the curb appeal of your home by working with our architect and landscape designer.

After your purchase is complete, our team will send you a questionnaire and ask you to take some photos of your property. The more thorough you can be with the questionnaire, the more accurate to your tastes the final design will be. These questions are specifically designed to help us gain an understanding of your needs and personal aesthetic. 

Howell Online Landscape Design Before Photo

Along with the questionnaire we require photos of your property. Don’t worry, no fancy equipment is needed, simply wait for a sunny day and take a few pictures with your cell phone. The clearer these pictures are, the better your rendering will be. You’ll want to be mindful of things like removing toys or visual clutter to get the most accurate rendering. 

Meeting & Discussion

The next step is a meeting. When you meet with our team we discuss your preferences and your budget. This is a crucial time for us to get to know you, and for you to ask all the questions you might have about the process. This is a time for us to dig a little deeper to find out exactly what you’re looking for and for you to give us feedback about what you want. 

Hand Sketch

Online Landscape Design Hand Sketch for Contractor

The next step is a hand sketch. Before we create a digital rendering we will first create a hand sketch. You can pass this along to your contractor, or we can continue to make revisions depending on the plan you purchase. 

Digital Rendering Add-On

Online Landscape Design Howell Home Digital Rendering

Sometimes a digital rendering is best to get the specifics needed. This can be added on for an additional fee. 

Online Landscape Design Before & After Photos

Why Choose LIV Design Partners as Your Online Landscape Design Company

Before you take on any project it pays to do a little research. You won’t have to look far to realize landscape design is not a minor project. It’s one thing to pick out plants that are visually appealing, but it takes a professional to put together a landscape package that will weather the seasons well. You also want something that will look good year after year, thrive in your particular environment and that has a maintenance schedule that fits into your lifestyle. 

It can seem a little overwhelming. But don’t worry, at LIV, this is what we do. Our team specializes in not just considering all these, but all the other factors of how it will affect your curb appeal and your home’s resale value. Sit down with us and let us get to know your design aesthetic and let us create a plan based on your preferences with our unique expertise. Get the look of your dreams without all the work. 

Purchase the Plant Package or the Plan & Plant Package Upgrade

It’s a big decision to make changes to your home, and let's be honest, it can get expensive. Start with the best, and you will get your project done once and done right. Speak with our team of professionals that will listen to what you want, and help you design a space you’ll love, and let us handle everything. You’ll never regret working with a specialist, and there is no better investment than your home. Order one of the following packages below and let's start the process of turning your home into your dream home. 

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