The Top 2020 Interior Design Trends

2020 Interior Design Trends


Interior design elements are what can make your house into a home. If you’ve spent your days pinning away but never taking action it’s time to call LIV. Our professional designers can help you improve the look and feel of your home. The biggest trend for 2020 is offering virtual design and that is just what we do. You don’t have to worry about having people into your home to get the process started.

We thrive on combining beauty and function. Let us show you ways to make the best use of your space by considering your aesthetic and lifestyle. Design is ever-evolving if your home is not what you dreamed of,  learn more about 2020 Design Trends and how to incorporate them into your home.

  1. Brown Furniture

Gone are the days that everything is painted and washed.  Traditional brown furniture is making a comeback.  Lighter brown tones are popular this year, but also the traditional “brown wood” is a warm touch.


  1. Colorful Kitchens

Painted cabinets in bold colors and two-toned with stained and painted cabinets are both what’s cooking this year.  Even colorful stoves are add ing fun to the kitchen.


  1. Bold Lighting

Make a statement with lighting.  A colorful metal piece or an interesting shape in a light fixture can totally change the feel of a room.


  1. Patterns

From wallpaper to floral fabric, patterns are shaking up what has been a neutral palette.  A bold wallpaper in the dining room and grandmother’s chaise lounge in a large floral are two things I love this year!


  1. Warmer Neutrals

Even though color is king in 2020, we all still need and will have neutrals.  In place of very cool greys, warm up the neutral zone with taupes and browns.  Earth tones are a big part of this year’s color palette.



Velvets, cut velvets, chenille, slubby linen…these textures are luscious and inviting.  Textural fabric and tiles are adding interest to furniture and walls.


  1. Nod to Nature

Plants have always been great accessories to the home, but now are becoming entire backdrops with growing walls, skylights and large windows letting more of the outside in.  If plants are not your thing, add some green with leaf-patterned bedding, wallpaper, paintings or even solid green decor like a pillow or chair.


  1. Black and White

The total contrast of one end of the color spectrum to the other creates an interesting dichotomy in fabric and cabinetry.  Black wall finish creates a bold backdrop for art and color to pop.  Black furniture pieces are also a great way to update.


  1. Maximalism

Minimalism has been a trend for the past few years and now add it back on!  The MORE the better.  Gallery picture walls are an example of the more filled space look as well as more furniture in each room.  This trend is designing to look avant guard.  It can easily look cluttered, so make sure to stay in the bold and lively, instead of busy.


  1. Mixed Metals

Metals are everywhere in 2020.  Gold, silver, tin and copper.  Mixing metals is totally ok!  The rule of thumb is no more than three metal finishes in one space to not become overwhelming.

How LIV’s Online Interior Design Process Works

When you work with LIV Design, we walk you through the whole process of reinventing your space. It starts with a questionnaire and photos, we will need to know a bit about your design style and see a few photos of your home. (No fancy equipment needed.) Then we will schedule a phone meeting to answer any questions you have and get a more detailed idea of what your personal style is. Then our designer will create a sketch of your space with a story board.

Questionnaire + Photos

Before we get started we will need some information from you. Our staff will send you a questionnaire to help us get to know you and get an idea of your personal aesthetic and what kind of look you’re wanting. Next, we will have you take a few photos of the area you’d like to redesign. Our designers will need you to provide measurements of the space. Once we have all the specifics of your project we'll get to work designing your dream space. 

Meeting & Discussion

When we are designing your room we’ll start with a phone call. Your designer will review the measurements and photos of your current space. You’ll be asked questions about your design style, your preferences, and the uses of the space. Hand Sketch

You will receive a hand sketch where your designer will walk you through all the details of your rendering based on your preferences. This second phone call is a great time to make revisions. Then you will receive a final storyboard and floor plan, including paint selection, furniture and accessories all in a convenient shopping list. We can also provide a custom cabinet design upon request.

Purchase The LIV Interiors Package

You deserve a home that you love. Don’t waste your money buying home decor items that are going to clutter your home. Call us today to talk with someone who understands interior design and construction. Let us customize a plan for you to make your house your oasis.  All with less stress, and fewer difficult decisions. You get to relax and we will turn your space into something you want to LIV in. 

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