Why Windows and Doors Trends are so Important to Design


Windows and doors play a huge role in the design of the house. Not only do they set the tone for the style of your entire home, but they are also the only design features that will be visible from both the inside and outside of your home. 

They affect the design and function of the home, as well as safety and energy efficiency. Even the amount of natural light that is available, which plays a huge role in design.  

Timeless Window and Door Trends

When choosing a new window and door treatment, it’s tempting to opt for whatever is trending. But smart shoppers consider what will last and continue to boost curb appeal for years to come. Even if you aren’t planning on selling now, it’s wise to invest in pieces to boost your resale value. Here are a few trending styles that are also timeless classics. 

Black Window Frames

Black Window Frames are a trend that is here to stay. Although they aren’t for everyone, black window frames can contrast the exterior of your home that draws attention positively. From the interior, they add an artistic design element allowing windows to stand out almost like framed photos. This look is gaining popularity as more people choose light grey and white to decorate their homes inside. Black adds a pop of distinction without disrupting the color palette.

Window Walls

A full wall of glass is the ultimate statement piece. Not to mention it's the epitome of modern design. A large expanse of glass can bring the outdoors in and allow you to enjoy sweeping views of cityscapes or impressive natural landscapes. Creating a window wall can update almost any dated exterior while also providing a substantial natural light. The combinations of this type of window are endless; working with a designer can make all the difference. 

Bold Door Colors

You can liven up almost any space with a bright front door. Whether your space needs a pop of color, or to be brought forward into the current decade, speaking with a professional is the right approach. Let us match you with the perfect shade, regardless of if your personal style is bold and bright or timeless and classic. We can point you in the right direction to make your front door a statement piece while boosting your curb appeal. 

Doors with Sidelites

Doors with Sidelites are a perfect way to add in just a little more natural light and add an extra touch of design to the front of your home. Sidelites are inviting and classic looking for your home’s exterior and are a smart way to add natural light without sacrificing your privacy. 

Hardware upgrades

A quick budget-friendly solution to upgrade the look of windows and doors is to upgrade the hardware. Matte black and metallics are gaining in popularity this year, and best of all, this is a project that can be done with short time investment. If you like the look of black windows but aren’t ready for the commitment of changing out all your windows, try just switching the handles and locks, you’ll give your windows a pop of color and a touch of modern. 

Back to Basics

If you aren’t sure where to start when it comes to windows and doors, sometimes the best upgrade you can do is a restoration. Install windows that are congruent with the original style of the house. Does your house have Victorian architectural elements but mid-century modern design? Sometimes too many upgrades from different eras can make the exterior of a house feel off. If you know your house started out with “good bones,” but it got off track with design, we can help. Send some pictures to our in house architect, and she will be able to point you in the right direction. Our in house team will show you how to make the most of the windows on your home. 

Why Choose LIV for your Windows & Door Design

When it comes to home design, you can always go the DIY route, but you might regret it. With something as important as windows and doors you should work with a professional. Consider that it’s not only design but the safety and function of your home, a professional is well worth the investment. 

LIV has an experienced team of designers and in-house architects to make sure we are combining the best of both worlds for your home. We thrive at combining form and function for optimal design. LIV is unlike any other team on the market, and we aren’t going to profit by making a commission from selling you a specific set of windows or doors. We will look at your home’s whole picture and consider your style before we make any recommendations.

Our team specializes in knowing what specific windows and doors will add value to your home while blending with your particular architecture and aesthetic desires. If you’re curious about what it might be like to have a plan in your hand for your perfect dream house, call us today! Our team can’t wait to get started on your project!

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