Exterior Home Design Style & Why It Matters

When you’re thinking of remodeling, most people tend to turn their thoughts towards interior design. But if you want to get the most bang for your buck, exterior home design is the place to start. Upgrading the exterior of your home is one of the fastest ways to boost your curb appeal, and will give you a big return on your investment.

The exterior of your home is sort of like a first impression. Not only is it the sight that you and your family will see at the beginning and end of every day, but it will also be the first sight that welcomes guests. The exterior of your home is a great place to showcase your personal style and personality and greet your guests in a welcoming way. 

There are a few major components to an exterior design that can make a huge impact including the exterior materials used, the roof, your color palette, and your landscaping. Whether you want to start with just one of these areas or if you want to tackle all 4, LIV is here to help. Our talented team of professionals will help you from start to finish.

Other considerations include the architectural style of the house you live in and your personal style preferences. For instance what architectural style is your home? (i.e. farmhouse, craftsman, Tudor, or colonial.) These types of homes all have classic architectural elements and LIV can help you maximize their stylistic features while implementing your personal aesthetic.

The most important factor is your personal style. Even if you have a well-manicured lawn and carefully maintained home if the color palette is off-putting, or if the design features aren’t appealing to you, it just might not feel like home. 

At LIV Design Partners, we want to put you in the driver's seat when it comes to making a plan for your perfect design. All of our design services start out with you filling out a questionnaire so we can get to know you and your personal style. 

Next, we hop on the phone or Zoom with you and review pictures of your property and discuss what’s frustrating you about the current look, and what you desire for the space. We want to get to the heart of what will make your house feel like your dream home. 

Our team will put together a rendering based on your preferences and we will walk you through every detail. Then you are free to plan out the work on your own schedule.

LIV’s Favorite Exterior Design Styles 

Our team has years of experience working with a wide variety of clients and architectural types. We specialize in maximizing your personal design aesthetic with the style of home you already live in. You would be amazed at what a few upgrades can make. Here are a few of our favorite exterior design styles!


Cottage style houses are typically smaller and can be found In rural settings and have an inviting cozy feel. They are often colorful and use a combination of colors and textures to create an inviting design.

Some key features in cottage design are a welcoming entryway, lush landscaping, window molding, and a comfortable porch with inviting paint colors. All of these can be adapted to fit any home and boost that warm and cozy cottage feel. 


Typical design elements of a craftsman home include covered porches, tapered columns, and overhanging eaves as well as single dormers often centered with multiple windows. 

If you want to upgrade your craftsman home or simply add some of those design elements, LIV can help. Adding on a covered porch, creating wider trim around windows and doors, and choosing a modern but neutral color palette can maintain that timeless look while also adding a modern edge.


Farmhouse style homes have been around for decades but are once again growing in popularity. Blending the look of familiar and modern, these homes sit at the crossroads of form and function. Simple exteriors in neutral colors and large wrap-around porches with lots of windows are typical design elements of a farmhouse.

Is Joanna Gaines calling you? Do you have a sudden urge to paint everything white and live at a slower pace? We get it. Modern farmhouses are the peak of home trends right now. But you don’t have to live in a rural setting to embrace things like a neutral color palette, clean lines, and natural light. LIV can help you maximize the farmhouse feel for any home. 


Do you love a minimalist look? Are you drawn to clean lines and no clutter? Contemporary design can fit in urban and rural settings alike. Contemporary design usually features light woods, neutral colors, clean lines, large windows, and minimal clutter. 

You don’t have to live in a contemporary home to add these elements. Simplifying your landscaping, upgrading paint colors and streamlining the look of your home is something our team excels in. Let us show you how to create focal points with color and design. Your fresh new look is only a phone call away. 

Mid Century Modern

This design term refers to a style of design that became popular for homes and furniture between the ’30s and the ’60s. Defining elements include large windows, clean lines, changes in elevation (a few steps going up or down into some rooms) sliding glass doors, or multiple views of nature from within each room. 

Mid Century Modern homes can walk the line between vintage and dated. Incorporating the right design elements can make sure your home looks modern with a few classic architectural elements (Without making it feel like the set for a very Brady reunion.) LIV can upgrade your space and show you how to maximize your landscaping so the view from every window is something wonderful. 

How LIV Can Help with Your Exterior Home Design Style

It doesn’t matter what kind of home you live in, or what your dream home is, LIV can help. Our team specializes in highlighting the best architecture elements your home has to offer with great design, color palettes, and personal style. We offer a variety of plans that can help you close the gap between your current home and your dream home. Call us today, our team can’t wait to get started on your project!

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