Why Front Porch Design is so Important to Your Home's Exterior


Curb appeal is an essential feature of any home, even when your house isn’t for sale. The front porch is the focal point of that curb appeal; it sets the tone. It’s a fantastic way to showcase your personality and style. 

It’s the first thing your guests will notice, and it will be the area that greets you and your family as you return home each day. The front porch is the place where you set the tone for your entire house. Whether your family uses this as a gathering spot or simply passes through, you’ll never regret achieving design perfection here. 

While your home’s exterior will influence what you can do with front porch design, you should still consider how you want to use this space. This will help you determine what design aspects are going to make it feel like home to you. Purpose often helps define design, once you decide if this is a place for relaxing, dining, or simply a welcoming place to pass through at the end of a long day, our team at LIV can help make your desires a reality. We want you to feel at home. 

LIV’s Top Ideas for Front Porch Designs


When you think of a picturesque front porch, it gives you a feeling of comfort. It feels warm and inviting. Nothing says, “come and stay awhile” more than a place to sit. No need for a busy table and chairs, just something with a simple design that invites comfort like a porch swing, a pair of chairs or a bench. Offering a place to sit is a great way to make guests feel welcome.


Lighting is a great design feature because it can be both decorative and functional. Lighting can provide a warm cozy feeling while also increasing your home’s safety and curb appeal. The fixtures, types of bulbs, and even the light’s color can affect the look and feel of your space. Lighting can be a game-changing aspect to front porch design.


When you aren’t sure what’s missing, add a plant. Planters, pots, and window boxes are a perfect addition when you need just a little something for your front porch decor. Plants thrive in outdoor space, and choosing just the right plants can add a splash of color and texture that livens up any space. Carefully selected planters can allow you to add other colors and textures without detracting from the view of the natural elements of your yard or the beauty of your home.  

Decorating Your Front Porch for the Finished Look

One of the most common mistakes people make when it comes to front porch design is that they over-accessorize. The decor on a front porch is sort of like jewelry. A little goes a long way, and not everything needs to be a statement piece. A simple bench, a pair of chairs, a lantern, or planters by the door are easy ways to sprinkle in a little color. A bit of your style and personality without overcrowding or over decorating, which distracts from the look of high-end design.

How LIV Can Help You With Your Next Front Porch Design Project

If you’ve exhausted yourself scrolling Pinterest and wish you could just rip off the front of your house and start fresh, it’s time to call LIV. No amount of DIY articles can provide you with what an actual architect could do for you. Most front porch redesigns are inexpensive and quick projects. 

We have an entire team of professionals waiting for your call. Our in house architect specializes in home design and entrances. Let us take on your project; after the initial call, our team will get to work. We will create a sketch based on your space’s actual photos so your final rendering will be accurate, based on your budget, personality, design aesthetic, and the house you live in right now. You’ll get to voice all your preferences, and we will hand you a road map to your dream front porch. It is that easy. 

Why Work with LIV?

No matter what goal you’re trying to accomplish in life, you’ll never regret working with an expert because professionals get the job done right the first time. There are lots of ways you can try to DIY your front porch. You can buy lots of expensive accessories, and trade them out with the seasons trying to get all the elements just right. Thinking it looks ok, or good enough. Or you can call LIV, let our expert in house architect find out exactly what your design style is and look at your specific property and make it perfect. 

The front entrance is the focal point of the home. Let us use our years of expertise and apply them to your front porch. Getting this area right from a technical design standpoint can change your house’s overall look with minimal construction. Upgrading and perfecting your front porch can increase your perceived home value from 5-11%. Those numbers are hard to argue with. 

But more importantly, what percentage will your happiness increase when you pull in the drive and you feel in your heart that you are finally home, when you feel a thrill of excitement that it finally looks and feels like home to you—the home you always wanted. 

Call us today, and our team can’t wait to get started. 

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