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Whatever light fixture you choose for your dining room, from a chandelier to teardrop lights, you want to be sure that it is not wider than your table. WHY? Because an overly large chandelier in a small room looks awkward while a smaller lighting fixture in a big room gets lost.   The scale is important.   One rule of thumb is the take the length and width of the room in feet, add that together and in inches that is your diameter.  For example a room is 12‘x12’ you would want a 24” diameter piece.

It is also important to center the dining room light on the table, not the room.  If you have a linear fixture make sure you give yourself 6-12” on each end of the light to the end of the table.

If you use more than one light make sure there is plenty of room between them.  My rule is 24-30” between lights.

The bottom of the light fixture should be 30-36” from the top of the table.

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