Pole Barn vs. Stick Frame

Posted by Bay Chapman on

Pole Barns work for a wide range of building needs. Historically they were used for more agricultural needs, but because of their affordability they are being used for churches, party barns, houses and even pool houses and guest houses.


Pole Barns offer more flexibility than you might think, which is what helps bring the overall project project costs down which everyone loves. 


  • Prefabricated before being brought to the building site (labor cost reduction)
  • Greater wind and snow load capacity over stick-built buildings
  • Extra large wall openings for doors and windows
  • No load bearing interior walls so you can have larger rooms
  • Higher walls & ceilings over stick built-buildings
  • Less site preparation and do not require a continuous footing like most stick-built buildings (reduction of foundation costs)

Pole barns can be very utilitarian in their looks, but with the right imagination and design team you can create beautiful architecture and spaces. Hopefully with the image we gathered from the internet, we can convince you that pole barns are an option to consider when you start your next project.



Photo - Ponderosa Country Barn Home designed by Sand Creek Post & Beam. 


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