Cabinet Hardware

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Cabinet hardware can really set the tone for a kitchen or bathroom.  Do you want modern and sleek, old and rustic or traditional. So many questions….  Do you want brass, nickel, chrome, copper, polished, laquered…the list goes on and on.

The first thing to think about is what style you want.  What overall feel do you want? After that you need to consider finish.  If you have stainless appliances you do not have to have stainless cabinet hardware!  I like the rule of thumb that your cabinet hardware needs to match the finish on your light fixtures.  Finishes do not have to be the same in every room of the house either. Get creative! Do something fun in your kids bathrooms.  They are easy to change out and can make a big splash.

Another thing to consider is if you want to do knobs or pulls.  You can also do a combination. Keep in mind that most pulls come in many sizes.  You can do a smaller pull on a small drawer and a larger pull on your large pot drawers.  Using long pulls on upper cabinet doors brings the eye up and tends to make the cabinets look more dramatic.  If you are doing panel fronts on your appliances, you can do an appliance pull that matches the cabinet hardware as well.  Keep this in mind when looking to make sure you are looking at a series that has matching appliance pulls.  

A backplate is another option to consider.  Adding a backplate to a simple knob can give you a totally different look.  A backplate can also be added to a pull. When doing this you need to look at where you are installing to make sure there is enough width on the cabinet door to accommodate the backplate.

Now to the finish.  I like an unlaquered pull or knob in the kitchen for several reasons.  If I am using brass light fixtures, I think it is nice to keep the same tone.  The reason for the unlaquered is that it will tarnish over time and for me that is a nice look.  It is considered a “LIVE” finish because it does change. The same goes for an unlaquered copper knob or a true bronze.  In the bathroom I am partial to Polished Nickel. This finish is in the silver family but has some warm tones to it. To me it is a clean and rich look for  most any bathroom.

Putting some thought into your cabinet hardware will pay off.  It can really change a room and add some personality to simple cabinets.  Look around and pay attention to what you like. Have some fun. There are thousands of great looks to choose from!

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