Adult children & the greatest Christmas present in the history of the season! 

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Dear Everyone,

I think it’s time I tell you why I think a Plan & Plant Design gift card or design package for adult children is quite possibly the greatest Christmas present in the history of the season. Yeah, that’s a big claim. But stay with me. I know something about this subject seeing as I’m mom to Sally and Camille, who are now adulting on a daily basis.


So here goes…(deep breaths.)


When it comes to Christmas presents, can’t we all agree the joy is in the giving? Yes? No? Maybe? Okay, fine. If we’re being honest, sometimes shopping for our adult children can become more of a chore. Looking for some magic this year? I thought so.


First things first: Our adult children are hard to buy for.  We rack our brains for unique ideas, but in the back of our mind, we’re asking ourselves, “What do they really want?” 


Fact: Adult children are constantly entering new phases in life. Their first apartment, first house, or maybe even expecting their first baby. They could be tackling a remodel or just need to give their place a facelift. The list goes on. We all remember our first home. No matter the space, we wanted it to be a refuge, a place to recharge and, quite frankly, a home to be proud of. 


The gift of design is a great way to be a part of this next phase. Give a custom plan for adding curb appeal to their fixer upper. Or surprise them with a fresh and fun strategy for their first baby nursery. The possibilities are endless. Yes, I know that phrase is so overused, but it’s true with Plan & Plant Design!

 The gift of professional design is magical, unique, thoughtful and, quite frankly, the best gift EVER! You’re welcome. 


Your friend,




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