Fall Color in Your Landscape

Posted by Andrea Howell on

As we watch the changing color of the leaves this fall, we are reminded of how dramatically everything in our lives has changed.  


And perhaps there is a hopeful message in this year’s leaves: that change is cyclical, inevitable and magical and nature is painting a whole new canvas for us to create our new lives: we are in sync with nature.


In the past many of us took road trips to the mountains or forests to celebrate the fire of fall, but this year many of us will be staying closer to home which will allow us to stay even closer to nature as we create our own beauty.


Trees and shrubs are the best ways to add fall color to your landscape. 

Be a little selective with the types you choose in order to extend the color in your garden to its fullest. Color palettes  run from bright gold to warm reds, and you can set the right tone for cool fall temperatures. 

Perhaps, choose 1 or 2 tree types and  try to group 3 or more of the smaller trees and shrubs around them for maximum impact. 

Large Trees include  Sugar Maple, Red Maple, Bald Cypress, Tulip Poplar, Ginkgo, River Birch, Hickory, and Beech 

Small Trees and Shrubs include Japanese Maple, Crabapple, Smokebush, Witch Hazel, Blueberries, Red Twig Dogwood, and Redbud 

Let me know your favorites and if I can help you place a few of these beauties in your yard, I would love to do so!..


With fall warmth...

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