Vanity of Vanities

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BUT all vanities are NOT created equal--especially when it comes to choosing one for your home.This is where form meets function.  Are you selecting a vanity for a large or small space?   How do you want it to sit in that space?

There are lots of decisions to make.  How  wide can your vanity be? Do you want it to go wall to wall? What size sink(s) will it house? What shape?   

Type of sink...Under-mount? Vessel? 

Placement of sink(s)? 

How much storage do you want/need? And for what? Towels? Styling tools and products? Cosmetics? Medicines/vitamins/bandaids/large bottles of mouthwash and other personal care products?

Do you want drawers? How deep? How many?

Or doors with pull outs? 

Or both?

Storage under the sink ? (“U” shaped drawers can go around exposed plumbing) 

After years of trial...and yes...error (!)  I suggest a shallow tower cabinet if you have room. It doesn’t need to be any more than 10” deep. I would suggest going up to the ceiling if you have 8’ -10’ ceilings. The reason I like the shallow tower is it's perfect storage for deodorant, hair products,  vitamins and other toiletries which we all need to grab daily but no one wants to see.

Keep in mind,  the width is in relation to the overall vanity and the positioning is important. Usually it would be centered or in a  corner.. AND hugely not forget electric outlets for toothbrushes, hair dryers and other 21st century grooming products that are absolutely ESSENTIAL to  our own VANITY.

Happy Planning -

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