Inspirational Images...the good, the bad, the truth.

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Inspirational Images...the good, the bad, the truth.


Why do we ask you to send images of looks and homes and rooms and objects that inspire you along with the images of your home as it is now? Because our job is to help you to create your ideal vision as we approach your project.


The “good” about asking clients to provide images they like, is that it  helps our design team peel back the layers and understand the client’s  vision for the project--which is not to say that we take those “inspiration” images literally. But even if  at first glance the images clients send might  seem to have little in common, there is generally a common thread that helps us to analyze how we can take our clients’ existing spaces, rooms, gardens, architectural structures to  new and exciting places. By focusing on details, nuances and the “feel” of the images, we can marry their essence with the reality of the clients’ home so that sometimes even the smallest “change” can result in a whole shift in perception, comfort, and beauty. And that’s GOOD!

On the other hand,  the BAD can be the difficulty  of manifesting “inspirational imagery”  that might not be consistent with, FIT with the overall structure, style or layout of your existing home. 

Then there is the BADDEST part of trying to make your dreams come true:  BUDGET. It's easy to  find images of  finishes, filigree,  lighting, tiles, windows, sliding doors, patios, gardens, pergolas--you name it-- that are breathtaking  but will absolutely take your breath away when you look at the price tag.   There is however common ground between budget and beauty. 

And that’s where LIV DESIGN partners come in. We do this every day, with plans to fit every budget, and believe it or not, translate dream mages into reality.. The truth is,  the more our clients “window shop”--aka Pinterest SURF, the more we can help  make desired looks  come to LIFE. 

Keep on being inspired- 

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