Winter Projects for Your Home

Posted by Andrea Howell on

Winter is just around the corner, so I thought it might be a good time to talk about the bones of your landscape.  It is easy to add a new pot of annual color or colorful shrub border, but sometimes you need to look beyond to make your garden come to life.

  1. Look UP.  Look for trees that need to be removed or limbed up to provide a better view of your home or let more sunlight in.  As trees mature (and decline) they can shade shrubs underneath and make them appear scraggly or thin.  Always look for a reputable tree removal contractor who is insured when working near your home.
  2. Mailbox that Delivers.  An interesting mailbox box bed full of Iris, Boxwoods, and maybe a clematis vine can ad instant curb appeal!  Consider upgrading your mailbox too.  There are so many interesting options from Copper, Traditional, and mid century modern, etc.  Look to your home’s dominate style to lead you to the best choice
  3. Front Door Redo.  Everyone wants a front door that pops!   Matching planters are a great way to accent everything, but consider a new front door.  Changing from a solid 6 panel door to a door with glass can change the whole feel of your space...or maybe just a fresh coat of paint is the answer.  From Black to a vibrant Green can liven up an entry!
  4. SEE the difference! Low-Voltage or Solar Landscape Lighting is an easy way to change the look and feel of your home at night!  It can make dark areas more safe and inviting for entertaining.  Also consider new accent lighting on your home.  Lights that are the wrong size or style can make your home look dated.  Also, notice the light color—always opt for warm shades of light over blues.


As always, we can help you LIVen up your space!!

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