It’s Just a Door…or is It?

Posted by Rebecca Marsella on

An easy way to update your front entrance is with a new front door.  Whether it is changing the color or replacing the door, you can get a lot of bang for your buck here.

Taking an old leaded glass door and replacing it with a paned glass door whether is be wood or metal is a great update.  Using a color on a door is another great updates.

For a more traditional house, a navy blue or peacock blue is a nice choice.  If you are feeling a bit risky, try an eggplant or emerald green. IF you have a more modern home, especially a white one, the sky is the limit with the door color.

Let your personality shine! IT IS JUST PAINT!  You can repaint it next month if your mood changes.

 Don’t forget your other entrances as well!

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