All White Paints are not Created Equal!

Posted by Rebecca Marsella on

One of the most frequently asked questions I get from clients is “what is your favorite white paint?” Man, that is a loaded question. It all depends on your light, is it trim or wall color, is it inside or outside, do you have warm or cool tones in your furniture.  As you can tell not so cut and dry.

You need to consider the location and what kind of light you get.  I always tell clients to paint a sample in the room where the color is going. This is true for any color, but whites tend to be tricky with light.

 In one room it will look white and the next a muddy taupe.  Also, think about what is going in the room. If you want a stark modern look, go with a cool white.  If you have a warmer feel to your home you need to make sure that your white has warmth as well.

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