What Size Lantern is Right for Your Home ??

Posted by Bay Chapman on

Sometimes finding the perfect replacement light fixtures for your house is an easy choice…but then…WHAT SIZE DO YOU BUY? What if it’s too big, or too small? How do you pick the perfect one?

First step is to measure the front door. The height of your door will help determine the height of your lantern or outdoor fixture. PROPORTIONS ARE KEY! Your lantern should be between one-quarter to one-third the height of your door.  If you are just using one lantern (located on the handle size of the door), the piece should be about one-third the height of the door. If two lanterns are used, one on either side of the door, they should be about one-quarter the height of the entry way.

If you are still worried, make a template of each lantern size and tape them to the front of your house!


Charles is helping us out because we believe visual aids are always a great tool when making a decision.

If you are adding/updating all the exterior fixtures around your house, Your front door lanterns should almost always be your largest. This means that your side entry & any fixtures near your garage should be smaller in size. 

Exterior lights can really warm up the entrance and give an inviting look to your home!!


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