Perfect Plants for Your Front Door Pots

Posted by Andrea Howell on

Adding planters at your front can be the perfect welcoming touch for guest! But pick planters that are too small or the wrong plants for the location, and people will notice your front door for the wrong reasons!

Here are a few tips:

Choose the right size Pot. A front door pot should be 20-30% of the door height

Too Small To Notice

Perfect Scale for a Perfect Entry

Pick a color for the pot that compliments the color of the house, but always let the front door shine the brightest

If it is under a porch, you will need to pick plants for full shade.
Examples: Aspidistra, Ferns, Fatsia, Ivy

Sunny front doors are normally shaded at sometime during the day.
Morning Shade on the front door—pick plants for part/full sun.
Ex: Holly, ligustrum, Juniper, Arborvitae, boxwood
Morning sun on the Front door—pick plants for part sun/part shade
Ex: Camellia, Boxwood, Kimberly queen Fern, Yew

Once you pick the largest plant for the pot, donʼt forget to add a layer of annuals at the bottom or just simple ivy.

Donʼt forget the fertilizer and water regularly.

Make sure you check with your local nursery for which ones are best for your Plant Zone and Tips for Maintenance.

Have fun! New pots can add lots of curb appeal quickly!!!


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