Donʼt Forget the Groundcover

Posted by Andrea Howell on

Groundcover has an amazing way of pulling the look of your landscape together! Like a beautiful rug in a living room or the perfect shoes for an outfit, groundcover is the finishing touch that most people donʼt know they are missing.


Healthy groundcover keeps out weeds and even grass.

Keeps soil moisture longer

Saves $$—No need to reapply mulch multiple times a year

3 Types to Look For


Examples: Creeping phlox, Sedum, Thyme, Ajuga, Mazus


Examples: Mondo, Liriope, Asiatic Jasmine, Ivy, Pachysandra,Vinca


Examples: Juniper, Creeping Yew, Loropetalum, Purple Diamond, Holly Fern, Agapanthus


What not to do. Somebody forgot!

Ground cover shrubs in a bed mulched with straw and bordered in gret stones.A serpentine rock border separates grass from a bed newly planted with shrubs and ground cover.

Perfectly lush and green!!

Make sure you check with your local nursery for which ones are best for your Plant Zone and tips for maintenance.

Happy Gardening!




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