Renovations & your homework!!

Posted by Elsa Hoffman on

Making decisions before you start a home renovation is a key part to how smoothly your project will go, right? We all love picking out the pretty things like flooring, light fixtures and fabrics but your contractor has another list of things for you to deicide.

I call it “homework”. The list of questions is based on what project you are doing.

For example when you are remodeling a bathroom you need to have the layout for your shower decided. Are you having a bench? What size niche do you want? Are you using a linear drain? What’s the configuration of shower head, body jets and or hand held? Oh, what about the shower door layout?

As you see plumbing is important in the shower but the location of tub, toilet and sinks need to be decided.

Also, the electrical/lighting layout are decisions you need to consider.

Where do you want plugs? Wall sconces…location? Switches…location and what they control? Can lights…how many and where? LED? Dimmer switches ? Don’t forget ventilation.

The list continues with decisions you need to make. Start with the floor and work your way to the ceiling. Flooring selection ? If tile, what pattern and grout color? Finish on walls? Trim profile? Mirrors and art work location? Paint colors? I do love wallpaper !!

Last but not least. My favorite is custom cabinetry. This is brings up an entirely new set of questions which I will share later.


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