Simple accessory's CLEAR!

Posted by Rebecca Marsella on

obsession with acrylic block risers….


I never thought a clear block could bring me so much joy but boy was I wrong.


the uses for them are endless! i used one to boost my  vase that was a little too short, but the perfect color, my  lamp that needed  a little update, and to showcase an antique bowl that needed  to be more prominent  and the list goes on and on. 


A simple acrylic block riser can help make bring many of your favorite items feel more substantial and visible.


 These simple solutions  can be found all over the internet in any size and give more visibility to  most anything they sit on.  Seriously…I think I have ordered 7 this week for 7 different uses.  I even put a beautiful Conch shell on one at a beach house.  They come in squares, rectangles and circles.  Try a couple out and give your treasures the stage they deserve!

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