Top Home Office and Virtual School TRENDS

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As I sat quarantined, I realized that my kitchen table was not the best place to setup shop. there are several reasons. I feel the need to do kitchen chores, I eat WAY too much there is way to much hubub and my family did not seem to realize I was TRYING to work!

Soon the phone started ringing with clients who were having the same issues and needed help.

I started thinking about how we could make the house function more efficiently for the way we need to LIV now. Otherwise, my family was destined to kill each other and I was learning that we were not the only ones! I began to think about every nook and cranny in my house and my client’s homes.

So many families have multiple children at home doing school online but not the space to have multiple classroom spaces. A walk in closet could be your answer. Put the clothes on a rolling rack in the bedroom for this time. A contained space was a game changer for this client and her children’s ability to concentrate on school. 

My guest room, We certainly did not have guests at the moment so that space was not being used. We moved a dresser into the closet and set up an old desk in its place. I added an updated lamp and a diffuser. For my husband, it felt like a get away and had a door! The family was tired of hearing Zoom calls and his colleagues were tired of hearing my family yelling! Win for everyone....

A client needed a space for her college aged daughter who was home and had online classes. She had a closet that really housed extra stuff that could be cleaned out or found a new home. By adding a simple board purchased at the local hardware store, and using a stool from the living room, you see her daughter has happily made the most of her closet classroom!

Under the table, in a tent-any old space in the house is great for kids. They may have made a fort there last year and now it can be their reading nook. Let them make their space, a place of imagination and ownership.

Working from home can be a challenge. This client had a long thin closet that could be cleaned out. Add a desk or a board from the local home improvement store. Move some art from another room. As you can see this “office” gives a space for work and the door can be closed when the day is over. It offers a short commute and some sanity!

Use outdoor space as a classroom-even universities are doing it. A porch, a patio, a balcony or a space under a tree can be used as a reading area for the kids or the parents. A big breath of fresh air can lighten everyone’s load.

Stay Well-

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