What is your new year’s resolution for your home?

Posted by Rebecca Marsella on

What is your new year’s resolution ?

-losing weight… even better losing clutter

-exercising…exercising creativity by changing old photos

-staying on a budget…selling home furnishings you no longer use

-be present…create a space worthy of being present in


Your surroundings really do affect your mood and productivity.  At this time of year, we are all making resolutions to better ourselves in the coming year. Don’t forget that your home should be part of this plan.  This does not mean a major renovation necessarily, but some freshen ups to create the spaces you desire.

That study that never gets used may be a great yoga or meditation room.  The playroom upstairs that the children never enter could be a great office away from the bustle of the house.  The dingy comforter may need a face lift, or the old photographs may need to be updated.  Whatever it is that will bring you joy and better use of your space, consider that as part of your new year’s refresh.  House plants are always a great addition to warm up a space.  One of my Christmas list suggestions was an acrylic block riser.  This is also a way to easily change the look of an old accessory by putting in on a riser.  Add some color to a ceiling or a walls in room, change a rug. 

Do something to brighten your day and motivate you to keep those other resolutions by drawing inspiration from your home!!




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