Our Top 4 Curb Appeal Ideas for Ranch Style Homes

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Ranch Style homes have been popular in America since the 1950s. With their characteristic look of large front porches and large spacious rooms, they are good for large families and couples. 

Their popularity continued through the ’70s and they are still being built today, they are so popular in fact they can be found on nearly every residential street in America. Typically, they are one-story with a spacious floor plan that provides a casual comfortable style that conceptualizes the idea of “home” to a lot of Americans. 

The Popularity of Ranch Style Homes

Ranch houses have been gracing the covers of real estate magazines and home improvement sites for years. It’s no surprise when you think about it. They are perfect for starter homes, and range in sizes from big to small. 

Overall, they are appealing and relatively easy to manage and typically sit on one level. They are quick to remodel and usually comfortably fit on a lot. This allows for spacious rooms and still allows for ample space for outside entertaining or gardening. 

The mid-century modern style that many ranch homes were built in is making a comeback. These homes are in high demand because they have charm and character that designers can enhance to a homeowner’s taste and preference. This kind of upgrade allows homeowners to have their own personality show through the design and color pallet of their property. 

In addition, the spacious yards that are usually available with ranch style homes provide lots of outdoor living space. Adding design elements such as water features, gardens or entertaining areas will not only increase the value of your own living space but it can boost the value of your home and increase curb appeal too. 

Curb Appeal Ideas For Updating Your Ranch Style Home


One of the best ways to boost the curb appeal of a house is to update the outside of your home from the style and look of the outside of your house to the plants and landscaping. Ranch style homes come with a distinct look and feel but can be easily updated to look even more modern and appealing. Here are a few of our favorite ideas.

Idea #1: Traditional Gardening & Landscape Design

Making good use of your outdoor space can transform any property. It can be hard to know where to start when it comes to landscaping. Not knowing what to plant where, and how much work it will be to maintain. Let our professional Landscape Designer help you with this. Andrea has years of experience helping families just like you make the most of their space. 

Idea #2: New Color Schemes

Most people don’t put a lot of thought into the power of color. Designers think about color differently. We know exactly what colors will make your house pop, and how to guide you to make choices that will look both on trend now, and stand the test of time for tomorrow. Let us help you find a signature color scheme so that your home will stand out in your neighborhood but also fit your unique style. 

Idea #3: Cottage Style Upgrades

Think about all the little details that make a home unique. This is what we specialize in. Cottage style upgrades with things like a picket fence, or a trellis for climbing vines to bloom on. These are things that will set your home apart and break you out of the mold. Let our designers show you some creative options to make your home even more picturesque. 

Idea #4: Painting Ranch Exterior

Oftentimes painting is one of the most effective ways to boost curb appeal. From big projects to small projects painting with the right colors can enhance the exterior of your home. If you aren’t ready to tackle the whole house, consider all the options such as painting the front door, window frames, or front steps. Let our designers guide you on how small changes can make a big impact. Not only can paint make old surfaces look new, but modern color pallets can also refresh things and give new life to an otherwise dated home.

Why Choose LIV Design Partners for Your Ranch Home Remodel

LIV Design Partners are here for you. When you’re considering upgrades to your home you want to work with the best. When you work with LIV that’s exactly what you’re getting. Not just one specialist but a team, an architect, an interior designer, a landscape designer, and a professional project manager. Our team is here to make sure no detail is missed and your project goes smoothly from start to finish. Home upgrades can be stressful, our team is here to make sure you stay in the driver's seat and that your design is done right the first time.

Purchase Plan & Plant Package for Ranch Style Home Update

We know upgrading your home can seem overwhelming. With factors like budget, timelines, and seemingly endless options it can be hard to know where to start. Relax. Although these kinds of changes aren’t common for any homeowner to face on a daily basis this IS common for us. We spend our days helping homeowners just like you make the most out of their property and their budget. Let us put together a customized design plan with your preferences and your home in mind. 

Plan & Plant Design Package for Ranch Style Homes

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